A Lot To Take In As Usual

So apparently I managed to score 21 out of 26 points for our exam the other day.  Not bad, but just middle-of-the-pack compared to some of the other scores my classmates got. What’s more, I’m lagging behind on Participation, as I’m usually zoning out (or trying not to fall asleep) during the parts in class where one’s expected to answer (and be enthusiastic about it too).  Ugh.

Speaking of sleeping, I need to bring some sort of earplugs with me, so I can actually doze off during my lunchbreak, where I try to find an unoccupied bunk in one of the many sleeping quarters scattered among the many floors of Sykes Glorietta.  Thing is, the most that I could manage is a halfway fugue state, due to all that snoring going on around me.

Finding it annoying how, these days, I can’t seem to sleep a straight six or eight hours at home anymore, as the cool weather combined with my room’s fan inevitably wake me up due to the need to empty my bladder.  The best that I managed today was something like a pair of two-hour bursts.

Still no word on the backpay processing.  Really, it’s December.  They should have put this on priority already, and yet they’re acting like they’re trying to avoid the issue (no replies to my text messages for example).

Here’s to hoping that I stay awake longer for tonight’s session.

Anime Watched: Gundam Build Fighters Try, Coffin Princess Chaika ~Avenging Battle, Parasyte the Maxim.


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