Weekend Stuffing

Somehow survived the two exams we had to take during yesterday’s shift, but by the time we were left off I was beat. Literally plunked on the bed and went to sleep, the latter of which was all too easy due to how cool and windy it was.

When I woke up though, it was laundry duty once again.  Why is it the two of us (my father and me) manage to accumulate such a huge pile of clothes every week?  The mind boggles.  Anyway, it took me the good part of two and a half hours to finish, but at least it wasn’t hot outside (in fact, because of the cloud cover and the breeze, it was awfully cold).

Spend the rest of my afternoon reading, then come evening… I started stuffing myself.  As of this typing, I’ve eaten half a bowl of monggo (with pumpkin), half a bar of a large-sized Toblerone, two meat buns, and four balut.  Hmm.

Tomorrow we might be heading off early to the market again, but I already withdrew some money earlier in preparation for it.


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