Backpay Annoyances

We’ve got another exam lined up tonight, which is expected as we’re close to the end of the week 3 training period.  Soon enough we’re going to be on the phones, so we’re definitely going to have to get used to all those systems we’re going to have to use by the time we hit phone labs.

I’m a bit miffed that my previous work seems to put backpay processing on the lowest priority.  Annoyed that their account was neither answering my calls nor my text messages, I went there this afternoon… to find that, yeah, they definitely weren’t processing anything, and what’s worse, they seem to be using the same sort of delaying tactics I’ve come to expect from our government’s bureaucracy (up to and including saying that their boss was in an important meeting, and if it was possible for me to wait until eight in the evening).

I told them I’d wait… then went home.  I might want some news on my backpay, but I’m not stupid. I might just go to the office early however, deposit my stuff in the locker, then head to Ecoplaza to wait, but if nothing materializes by nine, it’s straight back to the office.  Yeah.

That leaves me with little time to do anything else at home however, so better squeeze as much as I can before I skedaddle.


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