Annoyance At the Apathy Of Accounting Departments

Well, barring the end of the day itself, yesterday was sure full of annoyances, for sure.

Since I woke up early in the afternoon, I figured that I’d personally follow up on the processing of my severance/back-pay from my previous company. And when I got there?  I was asked to wait for maybe four hours because the head of the department was in an “important meeting”.

I figured that I sure wasn’t stupid as to wait four hours, so I went home.  I did plan to continue following up it (it’s pay due to me damnit), so I ended up heading to the office earlier than usual (and got exposed to the non-moving human traffic at the EDSA MRT station that apparently happened from six-thirty to nine, yikes).  I deposited my jacket and bag in my locker (using it for the first time ever), then headed to the Ayala MRT… only to be exposed to the massive lines there too.

Seeing as the vehicular traffic below the station was barely moving too, I figured that it’d be quicker to just walk to Mantrade… which was exactly what I did.  Less than fifteen minutes later, I was at Alphaland (and noted that the line into the MRT extended to the road outside and around the bend to Pasong Tamo extension), and grabbed a jeepney to Ecoplaza.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t wait at my old office, as I soon found that the idiots in payroll forgot all about it, and went to the company Christmas party.  Tsk.

Annoyed, I jumped a jeep back to Alphaland, crossed EDSA to the Ayala side, and started walking back to the Glorietta area.  Got back to the office with more than thirty-five minutes to spare.

So what was my takeaway from all this?  That a company puts you on the lowest priority if you’re only waiting on your backpay.

That little bit aside, the baby’s back in our house for the first time in two weeks, with my sister following tomorrow… the latter of whom with part of the bill for our family’s plane tickets for next year, when we go back to Negros for my cousin’s wedding. Couldn’t you wait until after my payday, sis?

Still mulling on whether to join the Sykes Christmas Party on Sunday.  On one hand, I’m barely a new hire, and will probably stick out like a sore thumb there.  On the other hand, it’s free food, Eli Buendia is the guest performer, and the raffles are ridiculously tempting, with the big prize being the 100,000 PHP draw. Hmm.

Anime Watched: Parasyte ~ the Maxim, Hitsugi no Chaika ~ Avenging Battle, Rage of Bahamut ~ GenesisGundam Build Fighters Try.


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