Made A Fool Of Myself

It was definitely embarrassing.  During the mock call exercise the class had at the end of the session, I just blanked out the moment it was my turn.  The knowledge I had in my head, and what I had to do on the projected screen in front of me just weren’t connecting.  It was bad enough that I had to stay after class, and had to be given a verbal wringing.  I’ll have to make up for that by next week.

Withdrew my pay earlier than everyone else, though it doesn’t mean for much, as all the banks were closed by then.  Felt really nervous all the way home as a result, though on the bright side this means I have war funds for present-shopping.  Will have to look to that tomorrow, yep. 

That aside, spent most of the day once I got home sleeping, and once I finally got up around three in the afternoon, laundry. 

As for tomorrow, present-shopping and gift-wrapping for the day, then come late afternoon it’s off to the company Christmas party.  The prizes are way too tempting not to go.  Plus there’s the free food too…


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