Party, Then Post-Party

So I eventually went to the party. I arrived at the SMX at around five-thirty, and found that there was a substantial line of people in the first floor waiting for the registration. Initially the line was placed at the north side, but we were eventually moved to the south side. There we waited at the front of the south hall, until they started allowing the lines (there were two) to move so we could register. There we were given a raffle ticket for the evening’s draw, as well as a commemorative pen and small shoulder bag, the type you’d use to carry your tablet.  I liked it, but it would have been better had the color been something other than beige.

They started to let people in at around six, and I was frankly boggled at how Sykes was going to fit people into two convention center halls (as I saw later, two halls were nearly not enough to fit all of the Sykes people who came, ahaha). I found a table with my instructor and his wife, before moving towards one of the buffet tables on the south cornet for some grub.  

And due to a fortuitous mistake in marking my event’s stub, I was able to go get seconds much later in the evening.

The entertainment was okay (with dancers from various Sykes centers in the city), and eventually some of the others from the review class came along and joined us at the table (some later than others).  The highlights of the evening were of course the raffle drawings (culminating in agents going home with 50,000 Php and 100,000 Php prizes) and Ely Buendia’s performance, which was a medley of classic Eraserheads songs (topped off with Huling El Bimbo as the closer).

Oh, and last night was the first time in a long while that I’d drunk any beer.  I had three cans — two from the event stub, and one from my classmate in the review class.

And after all that…home.


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