A Little Better Than The Usual

The mock call I participated in yesterday went better than my previous one, probably due to how this time I had the spiel up on my desktop.  No freezing up, but I did take a while navigating the Mainframe screens. Buh.

That little bit aside, the highlight of the evening was how the class went downstairs to the work floor because how, apparently, the senior agent who was helping us on our training (Kooh) had to be sent down due to the queue getting overwhelmed.  So we spent something like an hour listening in to the calls she was receiving. Too bad she kept on getting certificate calls — it would have been nice if she’d gotten a transaction call or two.

Still haven’t done my Christmas shopping, primarily due to I’m waiting for the darned exchange gift lists from the office.  If it still doesn’t materialize by the end of tonight’s shift, I’m just heading straight for Baclaran.


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