Holiday Shopping, Mostly Done

With the exchange gift list in hand, I was finally able to do my holiday gift shopping. This meant of course that I had to stay up until ten, before I headed back to Glorietta for said shopping (and because there were convenient gift-wrapping services there).  The total haul I had afterward? Four shoulder bags (the type you’d see used to carry smartphones or tablets) and a beginner’s reading book.

Seeing as the wrapping service at National Bookstore was jam-packed, I went to the other place at SM.  Slightly pricier, but I only had to wait a short time by comparison.

As for the exchange gift item I was assigned, well, I went and checked at the Glorietta NBA store, and I couldn’t find the exact type (meaning while there were sling bags aplenty, there weren’t any L.A. Lakers sling bags).  Will see again tomorrow, as they have deliveries every day.

Needless to say, I dropped to bed as soon as I got home from shopping.


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