First Taste On The Front Once More

Spent the day readjusting my schedule again, though this time around it resulted in an almost uninterrupted slumber, from around ten in the morning to seven in the evening. I said “almost” however, as I got waken up by the ring of the phone again, from the bank bothering my father about his credit card. Funny, he’s not getting billed anyway, and yet he’s avoiding any contact with the bank like the plague. Hmm.

Tonight’s the first night on phone lab, meaning the five of us who’re holding dual licenses are now on live calls for the duration of the shift, with minimal intervention from both our minders.We’re still going to get pre and post-debriefed, but overall the only thing they’re going to do is to rate us on how we did.

And that makes me nervous.

Anime Watched: Amagi Brilliant Park, Ore Twintails ni Narimasu, Sora no Method, Rage of Bahamut ~ Genesis.


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