Getting Used To It, A Call At A Time Again

Had all of two calls yesterday, one prior to our lunchtime (due to the entirety of the time prior to our first break being used up for systems setup), and another one after lunchtime.  In my case the former was a redemption case that turned into a transfer to the service department as the customer also wanted to know the percentage gain he had for the account, while the other was for a multiple redemption that got complicated by the fact that all accounts in question had collateral holds on them (which lasted 20+ minutes and which I also need to return the holds on later). Hmm.

We also had an hour-long conference call with one of the bosses prior to being left out for the day.

Didn’t have too much sleep once I got back, as I played too much World of Tanks, only to ruin my record for the day by trying to play against a losing streak.  Which didn’t work out very well either, and ended up damaging (maybe irreparably) one of my tanks’ statistics.

Tonight’s going to have more calls. Hopefully the increase in frequency also adds an increase in practical experience.


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