Lacking Sleep, And Not Too Happy About It

So rather than sleep through the day as I should have been doing, I had to stay awake until mid-afternoon, so I could grab my salary and deposit it into my savings account. Why did I have to go that far? Well for one, if I missed the deposit today, I wouldn’t be able to do anything until after the New Year, as it’s just going to be one holiday after the other until then.  Ugh.

The money finally appeared in the account sometime after three in the afternoon.  To my surprise, it was around thirty-four thousand and seven hundred pesos, and not the twenty-something pesos I was expecting. Maybe they included the tax refund into the amount?  Regardless, it was off into my savings for everything, after deducting the six-thousand and one hundred pesos to pay for my Mastercard’s bill for the year, and another thousand-peso deposit into the Balanced Fund (though depending on how the market shapes up next year, might consider transferring to an Equity fund instead).

Tried to go to sleep afterward, but wasn’t able to get comfortable enough to do so.  Did manage to rest my eyes, but I don’t think that counts for much as my poor abused brain wasn’t able to get the rest it needed. I’m kind of worried about my shift tonight as a result, as in my case, lack of sleep just leads to easily-flayed nerves and increasingly angry retorts.

Will just have to see at this point, but at least I can take comfort in the fact that I’m going to have money to start the year with.

Anime Watched: Log Horizon S2.

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