Aches And Pains Into The New Year

As I was informed that the MRT might be ending its service early today, I’m up and awake much earlier than usual. Obviously it means that I’m going to have to finish everything I usually use the early evening to do (like bath and dinner).

Yesterday’s phone lab was a bit of a shock, as the training queue was ridiculously packed, which shouldn’t really happen.  Even our supervising coach from the US, Mitch, was perplexed by how busy that workday was, as apparently the queues were stacked system-wide. This jam-packed queue resulted in my final call of the day, a simple enough transaction which was supposed to be me processing a redemption of a client’s money market account in full, turning into an hour-long call because we had to wait on hold to conference with the Service department, who had the capability to have the address-on-record updated (something I can’t do).

Then they dropped us.  Thankfully the Service Expert queue wasn’t so packed, and we were able to resolve the transaction much more smoothly after that.  Still ended up making the call last for fifty-seven minutes.  Sheesh.

This meant of course that my lunch had to be adjusted, and needless to say I spent that hour in a corner of one of the floor’s sleeping areas trying to get some shuteye.When I finally came back, I didn’t even have to log in anymore, and just went straight to our usual team conference call with Mitch.  After that, it was a security awareness meeting along with the Riverside Annuities regulars, which was followed immediately by the end of the shift.

Which mean logging off and going home, only in my case I had to run back into the office after I remembered that I had forgotten my Starbucks tumbler on one of the pantry’s tables.  Boo.

Really have to get some cleaning done before the New Year, as my room is definitely a mess and needs a good dusting, but the aches in my palms, well, they’re starting to get much more noticeable. I really need to find a day or to and spend it far away from computers, and just lie down and rest completely.


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