A Pleasant Surprise Preceding An Unwelcome Addition

So it turns out that the folk at the bank did do their job over the Holiday season, as I was able to finally reset my password in my online banking account.  This means that I can do all sorts of things with my savings again online, but the most important of them all (barring the convenient payment of monthly utility bills) is the fact that I can send money over to my brokerage account again.  Yaaay.  I sent over six thousand pesos, which depending on the market tomorrow will be used to purchase 30 shares of Purefoods stocks, which had a surprisingly low PEG rating, D/E ratio, and current assets compared to its current liabilities.

That aside, I’m going to have to go to work early (hence this early journal entry) due to some (unneeded in my opinion) English-language enhancement lessons.  On the bright side, we can file the time we’re going to spend on the supplementary lessons as overtime, but this also means that it’s two hours added on top of our already full shift.  Buh.

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