Wasn’t As Bad, At All

Despite the disruption of our schedules (and the lack of sleep that accompanies), the supplemental language training wasn’t that bad.  It was fun, and certainly wasn’t boring, though given how this is going to be three times a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) for three weeks, on top of our phone lab schedules… Yeah.  On the bright side, we could file each meeting as pre-shift Overtime, which is nice I suppose (though the schedule tracker didn’t allow us to do much of anything last night, as it looked like it was locked for everyone for some reason).

Calls weren’t too bad over the night, but you’ve really have to wonder whenever it starts queuing in the training queue just how the normal teams are doing.  

Speaking of the normal teams, we saw the new Client Data batch on the floor, likely for their first turn of on-phone familiarization as well.  Hopefully when they join the floor for real, they’d help cut down the wait times for that queue, as really, thirty-minute hold times or more is just ridiculous.

Oh, and managed to buy that thirty shares of Purefoods stock I mentioned yesterday.  Didn’t make a profit of course, but the idea here is to buy and hold, and then wait for the shares to appreciate, then gradually add to it bit by bit after every pay day (on top of my other existing investments in mutual funds).

Slept quite soundly this afternoon.  Though I’m not sure if it’s enough to make up for the extended hours we had, but it might just be enough to get me through tonight.


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