Daily Setup, Abbreviated

Yeah, waking up early every other day to head to the office is definitely going need getting used to.  I managed to prepare for today somewhat by skipping out on playing World of Tanks this morning, which means that coming into the afternoon I’ve managed to get enough sleep.  So I’m not feeling sleepy or anything, though in the down side I’m forced to move everything I usually do during the early evenings up.  Ugh.

That, and the early schedule makes it far more likely for me to run into the ridiculous lines at the MRT station that pop up during the rush hours.  

Yesterday’s shift wasn’t too bad, though the schedule submission function we usually use to turn in our attendance records is still on the fritz.  That’s one thing I hope to find fixed once I get to the office, as if I don’t get to submit mine, I won’t get paid on the fifteenth.  Blah.

Anime Watched: Seitokai no Yakuindomo S2 OVA 2, Yuri Bear Storm.



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