Workweek, Ticking Down

Managed to survive another extended shift yesterday, though the fact that the pre-shift training’s proctor was ridiculously enthusiastic about the thing, so none of us got bored or sleepy as a result.  The rest of the shift proceeded as normal though, with the only change being our usual phone conference meeting with the US coach got bumped up two hours early.  As a result, rather than hopping off the queue, we kept on taking calls until the end of the shift.  Yeesh.

The baby and his minder dropped by for the weekend, though apparently he didn’t really feel too well.  He was crying when I went to sleep around eleven, and he was still crying when I woke up around five.  He only started to calm down an hour and a half later, after he had vomited a bit, and he’s been quiet and normal (well normal for my nephew anyway) since then.

Gave a call to my old job to follow up on my backpay issue, and at last some updates — apparently my name is already on their list, but I’ll have to see until next week again if anything comes to that.  Hope it does, as it’ll synchronize nicely with payday in my current job.

Anime Watched: Kantai Collection, Gundam Build Fighters Try.


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