Simple Weekend Pleasures

I wasn’t at a hundred-percent yesterday, which after a trip to the clinic revealed to be caused by my tonsils being inflamed to the point where the nurses on duty were wondering why I wasn’t experiencing a full-blown fever yet.  I couldn’t focus on my calls as a result, and it caused more than a few painful screw-ups during my calls.  

It’s no wonder that I was so relieved when the shift finally ended… and yet I couldn’t get home as soon as I wanted, oh no, apparently the MRT was closed from Shaw Boulevard to Taft avenue again.  That meant I had to take a bus home.  Ugh.

I took some medicine as soon as I got back, then went to bed.  I spent most of the afternoon resting, which was helped by the nice and cool weather that the city was currently experiencing. After that, it was the usual weekend stuff, most of which involved watching the baby, but some of which saw me covertly nicking some canned food from my mom’s most recent package.  The pink salmon, of a brand I haven’t seen before, was especially nice, but the sardines in olive oil was definitely a mixed bag.

Might make a trip to the wet market tomorrow morning, to buy stuff for next week’s packed lunches.

Anime Watched: Idolmaster ~Cinderella Girls, Rakuen Tsuihou, Koufuku Graffiti.


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