Languid And Laid-Back

Can’t really speak much for today, as it’s the quintessential lazy Sunday.  So I won’t even try, but I’ll let the “anime watched” bit at the end of this entry speak for myself later on.

The only other thing of note is how, for some unexplained reason, my Kantai Collection Command Center Google Chrome app spontaneously stopped functioning.  Something is preventing Chrome (and KC3) from reading the API for the game, and that’s pretty much forced me to use my private VPN to even play the game.  

Thing is, using the VPN precludes me from doing much else, or using my connection to play other games (cough World of Tanks cough).  Ugh.

Despite the added annoyance, I did manage to do my promised LSC binge.  No Taihou, sadly, but managed to finally get Shoukaku and Zuikaku, two more Akitsumaru, and a Maruyu.  Not quite worth the cost, but good enough.

Looks like I’ll have to go with my father tomorrow morning to the wet market, or else I won’t have any lunch to bring with me to work.  Which is why I withdrew a thousand pesos in preparation.  Hmm.

Pretty cold over the past few days, and I hope it’ll continue at least until the end of January.  Makes for easier sleeping during daytime, for one.

Anime Watched: Log Horizon S2, Shirobako, Rolling Girls, Dog Days S3, Durararara S2, Aldnoah Zero S2.


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