Last Call On Phone Lab

So, here we are, on the final week of phone lab.  Next week the CommAss evaluation begins, which means it’s at this point where we have to start dropping some of the time-saving habits we’ve accumulated over the month, specifically logging off to do after-call stuff like tracking and case-making.  What this means that everything will have to be done during the call proper, which means that we have to start becoming creative with regards to using the call time, while not tipping off the callers that we’re essentially stalling for time.

Aside from that, it’s the same as usual.

So tomorrow’s payday again, which means that we’ll have money again.  I’m not hand-to-mouth this time, though even with my current level of savings I can’t be too happy.  Maybe when I go beyond fifty-thousand pesos withdrawable cash again… In any case, with the backpay processing still uncertain (I swear they’re trying to avoid me this week again) that’ll take a while, so it’s the usual half-savings, half investment as usual.

Tomorrow’s the official arrival of the Pope in the country and another round of pre-shift language enhancement class… which means I’m definitely going to have to be at the office before six to preserve my sanity.

On unrelated news, managed to get into Kantai Collection again, but until KC3’s issues get resolved, I’m back to using Kancolle Viewer.  The problem with this is Viewer takes a significant chunk of memory to run, so the moment I pull up another program (like, say SAI), things start grinding to a halt.  Really need to look into getting more RAM.  Ugh.


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