Exactly Like It Feels Like

Day two of the Pope’s visit, and some of the causes of headaches haven’t made themselves too apparent yet.  

There were cushions laid out last night in the huddle rooms in preparation, and team leads were going around taking headcounts as well as messaging their charges (a hard thing, what with the signal jamming in place for the duration of the Pope’s visit).  Ironically our own team lead wasn’t able to go to work last night, though that was more due to sudden bowel problems that forced a hospital visit.

Otherwise, it really seems more like a holiday more than a visit of an important personage, in that there were barely any vehicles on the roads (bet that caused its own set of issues for commuters).  The MRT was still running as usual, though I’m relieved that the usual crowds weren’t in evidence last night (and hopefully tonight as well).  It’s a good thing that our pre-shift English language enhancement class was called off tonight, if you think about it.

Oh, and tonight’s the last official night of our Phone Lab.  From Monday onward, we’re going to be on Competency Assurance, so it’s making me nervous.

Anime Watched: Yoru no Yatterman, Shirobako.


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