Bit Premature, But Got It Right This Time

Of course the fact that it was Martin Luther King day yesterday had to slip my mind.  This meant that it wasn’t the start of Comp-Ass after all, and in fact we spent the whole shift just trying to find use of the time we had that day.  While the intent was we were supposed to use it for Tax training (in prep for the Tax season in the US), in practice we were just goofing around, as apparently most of us had already taken that particular online review.  Hmm.

So we spent the night alternately resting, and formulating our group’s presentation for the account-wide Meet-and-Greet scheduled at the end of the month.  Given how we apparently drew the Spice Girls as a theme, one can imagine the fun (in both straight and ironic connotations of the word) it’s bringing us.

Which means that it’s tonight that’s going to be the big night.  Getting anxious just thinking about it…

As for the investment side of things, local market’s in a bit of a retreat, and while I expected it to go down (and I priced my purchase accordingly) it actually went down more than I expected, so I had to absorb more losses.  Then again, I’m looking for value here, so while I’m taking some hits now (I’m looking at a five hundred plus pesos and more loss), I’m looking towards the long run in my stock purchases.

Oh, and interesting fact — apparently to purchase Mutual Funds via my bank’s online investment site, you actually have to have one already open… Which is kind of beside the point of using the online platform to independently purchase fund shares.  It made me pause a bit, as I already have a balanced fund open.  Do I really need an Equity fund as well, on top of my direct stock investments?

Decisions, decisions.  Well, I’ll still have time to think on it, as it’s still a while until the next payday.


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