Quite An Experience, As Expected

It was definitely different, having to do system prep and logging in during what could very well be our work schedules for the next two years and more.  The number of calls we took sure came as a shock to my companions as well, but that’s more due to the fact that we grew fat and lazy at the smaller number of we took during the phone lab period.

I myself took in twenty-five calls yesterday.  Really need to work on my hold time though (as apparently the target is something in the ten percent and below range).

And now here we are again with Wednesday’s pre-shift language enhancement training.  While I think I’ve managed to get enough sleep today, it’s also likely that I’ll have to fight to keep awake during the shift proper.  Buh.

That aside, I set up an automatic payment to both our monthly phone bills as well as an automatic deposit into my mutual fund, as a bit of an experiment using my bank’s online banking system.  Gonna see if it’ll work as intended, as it’ll save a whole lot of hassle going to the SM payment center.  Though given how things are set up, I doubt it’ll stop my father from complaining, as a lot of the time the bills appear after I’d already paid things (which means they don’t accurately show the status of the balance anyway).


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