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Yesterday’s day at work didn’t start really well.  I was greeted by the news that the MRT service had stopped temporarily due to an accident that had happened in the Ayala area (a bus caught fire, and some debris from it fell unto the tracks), which meant that I had to head to the EDSA area earlier than usual.  What I found there was expected, but no less disheartening — crowds of people trying to catch bus rides, but no buses stopping to take in passengers as they were all full too.

Given the choice, I elected to just walk to the office… And then, by the time I got to the Magallanes area, I saw an MRT train rolling down the tracks towards Taft station.  It looks like the line returned to operation after all.

Drat.  As I was already too far into my walk, and I was already way too familiar with the long lines at the Magallanes MRT station at that hour, I just opted to see it through to the end.

I arrived at the Glorietta area at around seven-forty seven, feeling sore all over.  Definitely out of shape there.

The pre-shift language enhancement class had the tongue-twister competition as promised, so it wasn’t so bad.  The actual work-shift that followed however wasn’t as enjoyable.  Despite my after-day records showing that I only took in twenty-four calls for the whole day, it sure felt that I took in more, especially the screw-ups that I was guilty of doing.  Speaking of which, one merited that I actually call in to a specific coach in the US, after a warm transfer that got turned into a cold one because I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should… Ugh.

Was just so glad to have the shift over with.  I just hope that I could do better for tonight’s shift

Anime WatchedKantai Collection, Gundam Build Fighters Try.


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