Not Without Instances Of Panic

It was the continuation of the usual CompAss last night, except with the added wrinkle that Kooh, who was our proxy-coach and source of processing knowledge, had to be sent home by the clinic due to having a bad case of Sore Eyes (which I might add can be contagious).  This more or less takes her out of the picture for the rest of the week, which meant that the bulk of our cases processing fell to our team lead, and you can imagine how that worked out — the cases got ridiculously piled up.  And this is going to happen constantly until Kooh comes back.  Oi.

The impromptu Oscar-style monologue I cooked up seemed to be accepted by the team, as far as it goes for performances.  I apparently have to still pare it down, though given how it’s already barely a minute and a half long when paced properly, I’m not sure how unless I rewrite it.  Hmm.  Well there’s still time until Friday morning’s practice so…

Was able to recover somewhat from last night’s long shift, though this meant that I literally only woke up around six or so in the evening.  Hopefully it’s enough to get me through tonight’s shift though.

Anime Watched: Yoru no Yatterman.


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