A Pocket’s Worth Of Pay Makes Me More Worried Than Glad

February 28, 2015

As I feared, our salaries settled into the payroll accounts during the early evening, which meant that the money, at least in my case, will have to spend the weekend… away from me, if it stands a chance of getting deposited into my savings account at the start of next week.

I personally withdrew my pay early — before I logged in for the day in fact — though in the process this made me feel anxious for most of the shift.  I mean, carrying around a ten thousand and seven-hundred pesos on your person was one thing, leaving your wallet containing it (because we weren’t allowed to take anything personal onto the workfloor barring jackets or spill-proof tumblers) in one’s bag, inside a personal locker that’s been sealed shut via padlock is another.

That said, our pay for the cut-off was somewhat… smaller than what we were expecting.  It looked like the five thousand we were supposed to get for passing the final qualifier (the Competence Assurance segment before we went “live”) wasn’t applied this time, and it might be another month before it gets done at this rate.  Buh.

Despite my team’s rather enthusiastic contributions to our teammate’s campaign for the tax season’s account-wide pageant, I passed on donating to the effort… partly due to not having any money handy (as all my stuff were in the locker), and partly due to my own lack of enthusiasm for it.  Also, it’s my money damnit, so there.

Against my better judgement, I didn’t go to sleep once I got home, and spent most of the morning mucking about, while playing with my nephew on the side.  I went to bed close to lunch as a result, but only experienced intermittent sleep during the afternoon… which is why I’m going to have to turn in after this. Yeesh.

And yes, as for mucking about… This was what happened during the morning:

My jaw hit the floor with just Bismarck alone. It took a significant amount of time before I could pick it off the floor again.

My jaw hit the floor with just Bismarck alone. It took a significant amount of time before I could pick it off the floor again.

A ridiculous series of results, especially when one considers just how rare it is to get each of these on their own (Yamato and Bismarck have something like 5% chance to get constructed in Large Ship Construction; ditto for Taihou).  To get them in a row, during the same half-hour, is practically unheard-of.

Which means that I should be very wary of RNG shenanigans from this point on.  ^^;


All That Waking Up, For Nothing

February 27, 2015

I’m annoyed at myself, as I managed to create a massive screw-up by being careless during one of my calls. I had to experience an extended coaching session with our team lead as a result, and had to try calling back the client (who was unavailable, which meant that I had to try talking to their adviser instead).  Now I’ll have to also follow the case for the next few days, and pray that the client faxes in the required documentation before the seven-day time period is up, or else I’ll have even more problems to come.  Ugh.

That aside, it’s supposed to be payday today.  The way things work in the company, we usually see our payroll accounts already with money in them a day before the actual payday… Except that didn’t happen today.  Which meant that all the effort I made to wake up at two in the afternoon (which meant I had at best only five hours sleep) just to check on the bank was all for naught, as by the time it was around four (I went and checked every hour), there still wasn’t any money there.  So, with little reason to stay up, I went to bed again.

Needless to say, I’ll be incredibly annoyed if there still won’t be money when I arrive at the office tonight.

Couldn’t Hurt To Try

February 26, 2015

I was kind of hoping that our salary would have settled into our payroll accounts today, but alas it was not meant to be.  This means that setting my alarm for around two in the afternoon was a bit of a waste, especially since I had difficulty going back to sleep after I returned from the bank.  The increasing heat of the afternoon didn’t help matters either, as the breezes that wafted into my room only got heated by what was being radiated by the rooftop beside it.  Blah.

Let me tell you, I will be supremely disappointed if I arrive at work, and find people already lined up at the ATM we have on the 5th floor.

That aside, it was a little bit languid today, though the arrival of the baby early this afternoon mixed things up a bit, as it meant that my father once more had his hands full watching over his grandchild.

P.S. I was kind of annoyed at how my father somehow manages to deliver a message as grave as how my grandfather, the father of my mom, might not last for much longer, and how the both of us have to make preparations to go to Bacolod in case something does happen, all with a straight face

Anime Watched: Kantai Collection, Gundam Build Fighters Try.  

Feeling Like Its Back To Square One

February 25, 2015

It was a busy day at work yesterday, and it says a lot that our team lead was also forced to take calls last night.  The brokerage queue was pretty much overwhelmed, and while our own queue didn’t back up on us, we did experience call spikes.  Let’s just say that the usual twenty-minute avail times were few and far in between yesterday.

That aside… It’s the anniversary of the EDSA uprising today.  This meant of course that we were once again given an advisory that the main thoroughfare through the city might experience massive traffic due to the celebration.  Not that I’m that effected, as I take the MRT anyway, though this meant that my sister couldn’t drop the baby by our house after all, due to how bad vehicular traffic now was, despite being early in the evening.

As the 28th coincided with a weekend, it looks like our Payday will be on Friday instead… Except with how things work with SYKES, there’s a chance that we might get our pay as early as tomorrow instead.  It would be nice to get my pay again, if only because the initial payment of the insurance policy I had set up more or less cut my savings in half.  Ugh.  Here’s to the long climb back up above the twenty-thousand line (starting again at around eleven thousand).

P.S. The breeze this afternoon was getting less cool and much more warmer.  It was harder to go to sleep, and indeed I woke up during the late afternoon.  I tried to go back to sleep, but was restless for two-odd hours before my alarm finally rang at seven.  The bad dream I had (involving a hospital and what MIGHT have involved either mass hysteria or zombies — I woke up before I found out), didn’t help either.

Just A Little Bit Done

February 24, 2015

I finally finished the permission letter, which means that the only thing left to be done is for my father to sign the darned thing.  Of course then it’s just a little matter of scanning both my passport as well as my sister’s (thankfully she left her passport here at the house), then email them all to our bank’s credit card arm.  Maybe then us siblings could really start on contesting the credit card charges that my father insists on just hiding from rather than confronting.

As for my time at work last night, I counted at least three screw-ups, so I’m praying hard that our TL wasn’t able to pick up those particular calls for monitoring and evaluation.

Oh, and it turned out I really did double-pay last month, as the phone bill that arrived today showed two payments — one done on the 30th, and another done on the 2nd of this month.  Mmph.  I suppose I can reschedule the automated payment that’s due at the end of the month and set it to March instead…

Anime Watched: Koufuku Graffiti. 

Not The Usual Way Of Burning A Hole In My Pocket

February 23, 2015

Against my better judgment, I woke up really early again today, as apparently I had to restock our fridge with stuff to use in my daily packed lunches.  So it was off to the wet market for the both of us again, and this time around we bought pork tocino, two packs of siomai, two packs of squid balls, a small stack of six burger patties, half a kilo of tokwa and a kilo of squid (which due to the size of the squid in question, only took two).

In any other day, I’d drop straight to bed after the trip to the market, but I had other things in mind before that — I wanted to get the question about the retirement plan and insurance out of the way, so I took a bath, and waited until around eight.  At that point, it was off to Makati, specifically to the Lepanto Building beside the Ayala Triangle, to one of the Sun Life sales offices, as the company had one of the more attractive retirement-come-insurance packages available (not to mention that it dealt with an investment vehicle I was very familiar with: mutual funds).

It was a bit awkward though, as I didn’t have any ID with me at that point (and really, I was just expecting to ask around), but somehow I was able to gain the attention of one of the sales agents there (interrupting the meeting he was about to attend in the process), and the both of us headed down back to the sales offices to talk about the policy that I wanted.

The agent and I hammered out the details of the policy, and eventually we arrived at something that was agreeable to me.  In this case, it was a ten-year time frame, and invested in Equity (meaning it was very aggressive, as contrast with the Balanced fund that I’m already investing in with my own bank), with additional riders for accident insurance.  The initial price was hefty though — basically I’m looking at paying something like forty-five thousand and six hundred pesos every year, or eleven thousand four hundred pesos every quarter.  Blah.  It looks like I’m not going to be moving out from our apartment anytime soon.

In any case, I had to pay for the first quarter of the policy upon signing, which meant that I had to do a quick run to a Metrobank ATM to withdraw money.  Thankfully though, I have the option of paying the policy monthly from this point on, which while still painful at least eases me into the habit of saving up and not using up my money every month.  Buh.

With that little business out of the way (I should get the completed paperwork for the policy within fourteen working days), it was straight home… Though it was no sleep for me yet, ooooh no.  I had to find out what needed to be done to have me and my sister assigned as POAs for my father’s credit card account, so the two of us could finally start fixing the mess he had gotten himself into (at this point, a one-hundred and seventy-thousand peso mess!), but refused to tackle.  I’ll have to type out the letter of permission that he’ll have to sign for us tomorrow, but at least I know what to submit now.

I fell into a restless slumber after that was done… Hopefully this doesn’t mess with my work tonight.

Anime Watched: Koufuku Graffiti.  

Weekend Meanderings And Musings

February 22, 2015

I had woken up really early today — prior to four o’clock in fact — but I can’t say that I put the early start to good use.  While I was able to prepare some poached eggs as well as sinangag, I spent most of those early hours before my father woke up either catching up on the games I hadn’t played, or catching up on the anime that I downloaded last night.  Hmm.  Oh, and I dusted off my room while I watched said anime (specifically Cinderella Girls).

While I had a plan to go and check out the Prudential branch in Manila (close to Robinsons’ Place), it took me until it was past ten in the morning before I actually got off my tush and got ready… And wouldn’t you know it?  It wasn’t there anymore.  I took out my smartphone, and took advantage of a wireless signal to search for my next bet (Sunlife).  Once I memorized the directions, it was back to the LRT, a bit of a walk, and then on to the MRT for a trip to Makati.

On the way, I passed by the Ayala Museum, which apparently had an exhibit about the Battle of Manila (with the exhibit ending on the 6th of March).  I wanted to take a look inside, but I wasn’t sure if I could simply walk in, or whether or not I need to pay for the entry.

Funny, watching the AV presentation on the Battle for Manila on the exhibit’s window (which was beside the walkway), made me immediately think about my father… in how in his professed dislike for anything and everything Filipino, he likely didn’t even know about the history of the place he was born, or rather, didn’t care.  Nevermind that one of the most important naval battles of the war, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, happened within the same general neighborhood, and a later battle happened right in the vicinity of Ormoc Bay…  It happened in the Philippines, hence it was unimportant in his opinion.

That’s… just annoying, really, but that’s another thing I can’t see eye-to-eye with my father I suppose.

Anyway, I got to the place where Sun Life’s office was… only to find that it wasn’t there anymore.  Argh.

Feeling defeated, I just went home, but not before stopping by Mercury Drug at Glorietta to buy two 500ml Green Cross Alcohol bottles.

Anime Watched: Idolmaster ~Cinderella Girls, Rolling Girls, Aldnoah Zero S2.