A Pocket’s Worth Of Pay Makes Me More Worried Than Glad

As I feared, our salaries settled into the payroll accounts during the early evening, which meant that the money, at least in my case, will have to spend the weekend... away from me, if it stands a chance of getting deposited into my savings account at the start of next week. I personally withdrew my pay … Continue reading A Pocket’s Worth Of Pay Makes Me More Worried Than Glad

All That Waking Up, For Nothing

I'm annoyed at myself, as I managed to create a massive screw-up by being careless during one of my calls. I had to experience an extended coaching session with our team lead as a result, and had to try calling back the client (who was unavailable, which meant that I had to try talking to … Continue reading All That Waking Up, For Nothing

Couldn’t Hurt To Try

I was kind of hoping that our salary would have settled into our payroll accounts today, but alas it was not meant to be.  This means that setting my alarm for around two in the afternoon was a bit of a waste, especially since I had difficulty going back to sleep after I returned from … Continue reading Couldn’t Hurt To Try

Feeling Like Its Back To Square One

It was a busy day at work yesterday, and it says a lot that our team lead was also forced to take calls last night.  The brokerage queue was pretty much overwhelmed, and while our own queue didn't back up on us, we did experience call spikes.  Let's just say that the usual twenty-minute avail … Continue reading Feeling Like Its Back To Square One

Just A Little Bit Done

I finally finished the permission letter, which means that the only thing left to be done is for my father to sign the darned thing.  Of course then it's just a little matter of scanning both my passport as well as my sister's (thankfully she left her passport here at the house), then email them … Continue reading Just A Little Bit Done

Not The Usual Way Of Burning A Hole In My Pocket

Against my better judgment, I woke up really early again today, as apparently I had to restock our fridge with stuff to use in my daily packed lunches.  So it was off to the wet market for the both of us again, and this time around we bought pork tocino, two packs of siomai, two packs of … Continue reading Not The Usual Way Of Burning A Hole In My Pocket

Weekend Meanderings And Musings

I had woken up really early today -- prior to four o'clock in fact -- but I can't say that I put the early start to good use.  While I was able to prepare some poached eggs as well as sinangag, I spent most of those early hours before my father woke up either catching up on … Continue reading Weekend Meanderings And Musings