So, This Three-Day Absence

Just in case anyone is wondering why there weren’t any journal entries for the past three-odd days, it’s because our house ran into another internet connection issue.  It’s really annoying how I had to pretty much play the part of an angry customer for PLDT to even do anything — they eventually did send a technician here to have a look at the issue, but it took about two hours’ worth of ranting before they escalated the issue high enough for them to do so.  Sheesh.

In any case, it’s not like there was anything interesting to share… Well, barring the Official Meet and Greet the account did during Saturday evening, at which due to several glasses of vodka I came home thoroughly sloshed. 

But that of course is neither here nor there.  In any case my primary concern now is to get another government ID done and ready so I can just pick up my backpay check from my previous place of work and be done with the issue alrerady.  This means an SSS ID as well as a Postal ID (which is quicker), and a new cedula since I left the one I had when I walked out on the person who railroaded me from getting my check…


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