In-Game Stress, Incoming

Well, it looks like the Kantai Collection seasonal event is upon us once again.  As per practice with this sort of thing, I’ll wait for maybe three days before starting on it myself, and let the more courageous admirals test the waters (and more importantly, the branching rules!) for it first.

As for last night’s shift, we had a simulated evaluation in preparation for the real deal on the 10th, which pretty much meant that everyone tried to be on their best behavior, to the point that browsing outside websites wasn’t something one advertised and an agent had to really pay attention to their browser history…  Oddly enough, we didn’t see any of the account higher-ups on the floor, which is the first thing you’d expect during an evaluation.

I finally received the copy of my NSO Birth Certificate this morning, but for some reason, the CERNOMA didn’t arrive with it.  Maybe it’ll arrive tomorrow, or at the start of next week?  Regardless, this means that I’ll be able to have what I need to apply for a postal ID.

It’s starting to get less and less cool during the day.  Looks like summer is just around the corner, as the heat radiating from the roof outside, while not yet unbearable, was already making itself felt.  Yikes.

Anime Watched: Kantai Collection, Gundam Build Fighters Try.


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