A Little Pleased With What We Have

It wasn’t too surprising that the other NSO form arrived today, though it made me wonder just what is it that made a COMERMA much harder to compile compared to my birth certificate.  Hmm.

Not really a lot planned for this weekend, though with both of these NSO forms in hand I can finally apply for a postal ID on Monday.  Now to just get the other requirements.  I think there’s a Barangay form there somewhere that I need to complete…

Of course the baby is here with us for the weekend, in time for nanay’s birthday.  I suppose there’s going to be a video conference this weekend for it, but given what’s happened to my nephew’s face (the baby’s been scratching under the sides of his eyes apparently, so there are now two angry welts there as a result), I’m not sure she’s going to be that happy.

Just looking forward to a lot of sleep, personally.  But there’s the Kantai Collection event so…


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