Weathered The Storm, For Now

I think everyone in the team was caught by surprise by the torrent of calls that we had to take in last night.  A combination of a website issue that prevented advisers from doing transactions on their own, coupled with the scheduled move of most IRA assets to the brokerage side of things, meant that we were kept quite busy for a while.  It was enough that we  weren’t able to enjoy the prepped food (two bilaos worth of pancit Lucban and three two-liter bottles of soda) for the birthday of coaching assistant Kooh and teammate Jopet.

Started the day with a commendation (which was nice), but ended it on a nasty call from a rather pushy adviser that got escalated (which wasn’t).  In the end, I was dead-tired, which meant that it was pretty much bed and straight sleep once I got home.  Buh.

Since it was nanay’s birthday today, the family prepped something as a celebration.  Nothing fancy — cake, pancit, a whole grilled chicken (which my sister forced me to get up from bed to buy) and cola.  It was nice, and the baby was behaved for a change too.

Not much gaming done today, and spent what’s left of the evening preparing for my own run at Kantai Collection’s Winter Event (based on the Pacification of Truk anchorage).  We’ll see about that, uh-huh.


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