Tried To Do It In One Sitting

The entry title of course is referring to the current Kantai Collection event, which more or less is based on the Pacification of Truk Lagoon, also known to military historians as Operation Hailstone.  Except this time around, the IJN make a break-out, and fight back.  Make of that as you will, but with the way these events work, you try to finish them as quickly as possible, so you can spend the time left over for farming.

I was sure that I could finish the first four portions in one sitting, but then the game suddenly threw me several RNG-flavored curved balls with the second map.  Where other people barely required fifteen tries to finish it, I took forty-five runs to get it done.  As a result, I’m a bit down on resources a whole lot earlier than planned.  And while I was able to finish E-3, E-4 is proving just as trolltastic as E-2.

So I’m sleeping on it, and just gather resources over the week, as well as gradually try to wear down the boss gauge in E-4 (thankfully the HP doesn’t regen).

Then, maybe, I’d try E-5 for kicks.

Anime Watched: Idolmaster ~Cinderella Girls, Virgin Witch Maria.

P.S. We were finally able to greet nanay a Happy Birthday properly via our usual weekend Skype session, if anyone was wondering.  The welts on the baby’s face aren’t getting better however, as he keeps on scratching them.


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