Done With Another, But Feeling Drowsy As A Result

One of the first order of business I had to take care of today was having my Postal ID processed… Which of course meant I had to drop by the barangay office to get a Barangay Clearance form.  It was easy enough, and didn’t take long (and didn’t technically have to cost anything, though I did give some money as a donation), and after gathering my other requirements, it was off to the local post office… But only after dropping off some shoes at Mr. Quickie to be fixed.

The ID processing itself was relatively quick as well.  Once I got there, all I had to do was fill in two forms (not the ones available online, surprisingly enough), attach the requirements (far fewer too than what was listed online — the original barangay clearance and the photocopy of my NSO birth certificate), have the information on the forms encoded, then my picture taken, and it was done.  How convenient.  What wasn’t convenient however was the wait for the ID — two weeks, but hey at least I get a very modern-looking ID that wouldn’t look out of place along with my health cards from work.

Funny how just activating the BGM made the final run work.
Funny how just activating the BGM made the final run work.

Oh, and I went and finished E-4 of the Kantai Collection event.  But people should have expected that already.  Now though it’s back to gathering resources for my intended challenge of E-5.  You figure I could gather twenty thousand resources in a week?  I’ll have to see then.

As for the drowsiness… I’m severely sleep-deprived as a result of all of this.  Going to try really hard to focus at work.


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