And When That One-Night Masquerade Works…

It was more than a bit nervewracking last night, what with the guests roaming around the work floor for about two-odd hours.  Everyone was on their best behavior, and forced to act professional (meaning we were even looking through knowledge base articles in between calls) for the duration too.  I was kind of thankful that the dignitaries didn’t choose to listen in during my own calls, though my teammate wasn’t so lucky.

Seemingly as soon as they came though, they were gone, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief… which meant it was back to old habits.  As for me, this meant that I brought my cheat sheets back up on display, which comforted me a little, especially during this final phase of Competency Assurance.

I was a bit amused when we were given the news close to the end of our shift that we had passed the evaluation with flying colors, and that our guests were “impressed by our professionalism”.  Everyone else in our team had a good laugh at that.

Now it’s back to worrying about passing the Competency Assurance.  Mhmm.


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