Surprise Payday

It’s a bit of a custom for SYKES to release its pay to its employees a day or so before the actual payday, I didn’t expect the line of people at the 5th-floor ATM when I came to work last night.  If anything, I was expecting the pay to drop on Friday (today), but I suppose payroll wanted everyone to have money in their pockets when Valentine’s Day (aka Singles Appreciation Day) arrived.  Which is fine with me, as it meant that I was able to put money in the bank for this half of the month again (after coming home and waiting an hour or two for my savings bank to open, of course).

As for last night’s actual shift, it was a bit slow, though it ended in a bit of a mess in my case, that facilitated a call to one of the clients that called in, so I could do a correction, and even then I still have to submit a case once I come in tonight to finalize the changes.  Yikes.  And so close to the end of Comp-Ass too…

Looking forward to the weekend, for sure, especially since I’m going to use it to challenge the final phase of the Kantai Collection event on Hard (A) mode.  Going to need all the luck (and resources!) I could scrape up for this one, for sure.


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