Time To File It In

I was kind of surprised, but with the debriefs removed from my daily schedule yesterday (something I only found out after I had logged out and closed half of the programs I used), the reality that I was now a “live” agent finally sunk in.  On one hand, this means that I’m a full-time employee now, eligible to all benefits a full-time employee is allowed (meaning actually leave time).  On the other, it also means that I’m subject to all the penalties as well.

Slightly related, but a good number of the folk on my team, as well as from the annuities teams, have started to submit their resumes for the three positions opened for the account (two team leads, one QC).  I didn’t give it a try myself, as there’s the issue both leadership experience and being good with people, neither of which I’m good at.  Oh well.

It’s technically the last day to submit our log records for the next payday, and while I submitted the OT adjustment for the Chinese New Year (thirty percent is still thirty percent after all), I’m not sure that I submitted the correct hours.  Will definitely have to see about that.


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