Weekend Meanderings And Musings

I had woken up really early today — prior to four o’clock in fact — but I can’t say that I put the early start to good use.  While I was able to prepare some poached eggs as well as sinangag, I spent most of those early hours before my father woke up either catching up on the games I hadn’t played, or catching up on the anime that I downloaded last night.  Hmm.  Oh, and I dusted off my room while I watched said anime (specifically Cinderella Girls).

While I had a plan to go and check out the Prudential branch in Manila (close to Robinsons’ Place), it took me until it was past ten in the morning before I actually got off my tush and got ready… And wouldn’t you know it?  It wasn’t there anymore.  I took out my smartphone, and took advantage of a wireless signal to search for my next bet (Sunlife).  Once I memorized the directions, it was back to the LRT, a bit of a walk, and then on to the MRT for a trip to Makati.

On the way, I passed by the Ayala Museum, which apparently had an exhibit about the Battle of Manila (with the exhibit ending on the 6th of March).  I wanted to take a look inside, but I wasn’t sure if I could simply walk in, or whether or not I need to pay for the entry.

Funny, watching the AV presentation on the Battle for Manila on the exhibit’s window (which was beside the walkway), made me immediately think about my father… in how in his professed dislike for anything and everything Filipino, he likely didn’t even know about the history of the place he was born, or rather, didn’t care.  Nevermind that one of the most important naval battles of the war, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, happened within the same general neighborhood, and a later battle happened right in the vicinity of Ormoc Bay…  It happened in the Philippines, hence it was unimportant in his opinion.

That’s… just annoying, really, but that’s another thing I can’t see eye-to-eye with my father I suppose.

Anyway, I got to the place where Sun Life’s office was… only to find that it wasn’t there anymore.  Argh.

Feeling defeated, I just went home, but not before stopping by Mercury Drug at Glorietta to buy two 500ml Green Cross Alcohol bottles.

Anime Watched: Idolmaster ~Cinderella Girls, Rolling Girls, Aldnoah Zero S2.


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