Feeling Like Its Back To Square One

It was a busy day at work yesterday, and it says a lot that our team lead was also forced to take calls last night.  The brokerage queue was pretty much overwhelmed, and while our own queue didn’t back up on us, we did experience call spikes.  Let’s just say that the usual twenty-minute avail times were few and far in between yesterday.

That aside… It’s the anniversary of the EDSA uprising today.  This meant of course that we were once again given an advisory that the main thoroughfare through the city might experience massive traffic due to the celebration.  Not that I’m that effected, as I take the MRT anyway, though this meant that my sister couldn’t drop the baby by our house after all, due to how bad vehicular traffic now was, despite being early in the evening.

As the 28th coincided with a weekend, it looks like our Payday will be on Friday instead… Except with how things work with SYKES, there’s a chance that we might get our pay as early as tomorrow instead.  It would be nice to get my pay again, if only because the initial payment of the insurance policy I had set up more or less cut my savings in half.  Ugh.  Here’s to the long climb back up above the twenty-thousand line (starting again at around eleven thousand).

P.S. The breeze this afternoon was getting less cool and much more warmer.  It was harder to go to sleep, and indeed I woke up during the late afternoon.  I tried to go back to sleep, but was restless for two-odd hours before my alarm finally rang at seven.  The bad dream I had (involving a hospital and what MIGHT have involved either mass hysteria or zombies — I woke up before I found out), didn’t help either.


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