Couldn’t Hurt To Try

I was kind of hoping that our salary would have settled into our payroll accounts today, but alas it was not meant to be.  This means that setting my alarm for around two in the afternoon was a bit of a waste, especially since I had difficulty going back to sleep after I returned from the bank.  The increasing heat of the afternoon didn’t help matters either, as the breezes that wafted into my room only got heated by what was being radiated by the rooftop beside it.  Blah.

Let me tell you, I will be supremely disappointed if I arrive at work, and find people already lined up at the ATM we have on the 5th floor.

That aside, it was a little bit languid today, though the arrival of the baby early this afternoon mixed things up a bit, as it meant that my father once more had his hands full watching over his grandchild.

P.S. I was kind of annoyed at how my father somehow manages to deliver a message as grave as how my grandfather, the father of my mom, might not last for much longer, and how the both of us have to make preparations to go to Bacolod in case something does happen, all with a straight face

Anime Watched: Kantai Collection, Gundam Build Fighters Try.  


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