All That Waking Up, For Nothing

I’m annoyed at myself, as I managed to create a massive screw-up by being careless during one of my calls. I had to experience an extended coaching session with our team lead as a result, and had to try calling back the client (who was unavailable, which meant that I had to try talking to their adviser instead).  Now I’ll have to also follow the case for the next few days, and pray that the client faxes in the required documentation before the seven-day time period is up, or else I’ll have even more problems to come.  Ugh.

That aside, it’s supposed to be payday today.  The way things work in the company, we usually see our payroll accounts already with money in them a day before the actual payday… Except that didn’t happen today.  Which meant that all the effort I made to wake up at two in the afternoon (which meant I had at best only five hours sleep) just to check on the bank was all for naught, as by the time it was around four (I went and checked every hour), there still wasn’t any money there.  So, with little reason to stay up, I went to bed again.

Needless to say, I’ll be incredibly annoyed if there still won’t be money when I arrive at the office tonight.


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