A Pocket’s Worth Of Pay Makes Me More Worried Than Glad

As I feared, our salaries settled into the payroll accounts during the early evening, which meant that the money, at least in my case, will have to spend the weekend… away from me, if it stands a chance of getting deposited into my savings account at the start of next week.

I personally withdrew my pay early — before I logged in for the day in fact — though in the process this made me feel anxious for most of the shift.  I mean, carrying around a ten thousand and seven-hundred pesos on your person was one thing, leaving your wallet containing it (because we weren’t allowed to take anything personal onto the workfloor barring jackets or spill-proof tumblers) in one’s bag, inside a personal locker that’s been sealed shut via padlock is another.

That said, our pay for the cut-off was somewhat… smaller than what we were expecting.  It looked like the five thousand we were supposed to get for passing the final qualifier (the Competence Assurance segment before we went “live”) wasn’t applied this time, and it might be another month before it gets done at this rate.  Buh.

Despite my team’s rather enthusiastic contributions to our teammate’s campaign for the tax season’s account-wide pageant, I passed on donating to the effort… partly due to not having any money handy (as all my stuff were in the locker), and partly due to my own lack of enthusiasm for it.  Also, it’s my money damnit, so there.

Against my better judgement, I didn’t go to sleep once I got home, and spent most of the morning mucking about, while playing with my nephew on the side.  I went to bed close to lunch as a result, but only experienced intermittent sleep during the afternoon… which is why I’m going to have to turn in after this. Yeesh.

And yes, as for mucking about… This was what happened during the morning:

My jaw hit the floor with just Bismarck alone. It took a significant amount of time before I could pick it off the floor again.
My jaw hit the floor with just Bismarck alone. It took a significant amount of time before I could pick it off the floor again.

A ridiculous series of results, especially when one considers just how rare it is to get each of these on their own (Yamato and Bismarck have something like 5% chance to get constructed in Large Ship Construction; ditto for Taihou).  To get them in a row, during the same half-hour, is practically unheard-of.

Which means that I should be very wary of RNG shenanigans from this point on.  ^^;


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