How Not To Start A Workweek

March 31, 2015

Yesterday was every bit as stressful as I feared, and this was made worse by the fact that two of the teammates that should have been with me during the start of the shift… weren’t.  Add to this the lack of any TL at hand, and suffice to say the early shift was disastrous.  Add to this the fact that I didn’t get as much sleep as I’d have liked, and I wasn’t able to focus on the calls as I should have.  Ugh, it was ugly, for sure, and I was given more than a few reprimands when my boss finally did arrive (and listened in to my calls).  My stats for March more or less tanked, for sure.

I’m kind of hoping to avoid the same kind of disaster tonight, thank you very much.

As for today, wow, it suddenly turned warm all of the sudden.  I suppose Summer really is here now… except we’re expecting rain over here in the Philippines over the weekend.  A rainy and wet end to the Holy Week?  News to me, especially since, for some reason, we have no water…  

That said, no MRT on Thursday and Friday will make the trip to the office more difficult than it usually is, so I should think about heading over there earlier than usual.


Money In The Bank, And It Feels Fine

March 30, 2015

Just as planned, I woke up early in the day to both deposit my salary, and then cash the severance check that I got last week from my previous employer.  Both went off without a hitch, with the former resolved by visiting the Metrobank branch in our neighborhood (where I had an account in), though the latter took some doing, as it required a trip to Makati to the Citibank building (which was just off Ayala Triangle).  

I went up to the second floor, where apparently corporate checks were encashed, provided the necessary identification (my Postal ID and Passport), and with a final signature I received my twenty-one thousand-odd renumeration.  So much trouble for so little… Anyway, at that I walked back Glorietta, passed by the Mercury Drug there to buy some Advil (for the swelling on my foot), and then to the Ayala MRT station (feeling nervous due to the money I was carrying), and headed home, but not before depositing the amount at the bank, again.  Whew.

Didn’t get much sleep once I got home though.  This, despite the nice and somewhat cool breeze blowing into my room.  I guess my swollen toe had something to do with it.  Looks like I’m really going to have to ease up on the pork, lest this become a recurring annoyance, ugh.

Kind of bracing myself for the shift tonight.  If it’s anything like Friday, then there’s going to be enough to go around (and likely no standing up again unless it was to run to the toilet).

Canned Meat, And Swollen Toes

March 29, 2015

I went to bed really really late last night as I did some late-day bingeing on the Jitsu wa Watashi Wa chapters I missed.  Still good stuff, but I’m really worried at how the anime will turn out now, especially with the reveal of the awfully generic redesigns for it.

In any case, late to bed meant that I also did some late-night eating.  I tried opening up one of my mom’s cans of spam… with the end result of the joint of my left toe flaring and getting swollen like crazy.  Welp, at least I can narrow down what caused that (though it does make me wonder, as I’ve been eating meat for a while, but didn’t have any flare-up over the past week).

Took some medicine, though it looks like I’ll have to buy more Advil tomorrow just in case.

Speaking of tomorrow, going to have to wake up a little earlier than usual to first cash the backpay check I received, and then deposit the cash I get from it as well the pay I received this Friday into my bank.  Brr, it’s going to be heck walking around with that much money, so I’d have to get them deposited pronto.

Woke up late enough that I missed out on seeing my sister and the baby off again.  Oh well, at least they left the iced cream behind…

Anime Watched: Log Horizon S2, Rolling Girls, Idolmaster ~ Cinderella Girls, Dog Days S3.

Took That Long To Recover

March 28, 2015

My word, last night’s shift was… a trial to say the least.  I think it’s the shift with the most calls of any of us to day, with myself taking in a grand total of 78 calls.  Seriously, whoever thought that adding the Operator queue to our duties should be taken out of the company’s back door, then kicked out.  It was a good thing I pre-emptively bought a liter of Cola and brought it in with me before I logged into my station… Because, really, we didn’t really have chances to even get up from our seats at times. 

That aside, I’ve finally managed to get my severance pay.  It’s not really much for a check, something like twenty-one thousand worth, which is tiny when you recall that I spent four years at the company, but eh, it’s money in the bank.  Add to that the fact that it was also our payday (and indeed, I was able to withdraw my pay at the BDO ATM located at the ground floor of my old place of work), meant that I’m sitting on quite a substantial bit of money.  

Now I need to keep it untouched for the weekend, then deposit it into my savings account on Monday.  Well, after I cash that check of course (from a specific bank close to Buendia, ugh).

Anime Watched: Magimoji Rurumo (episode 11), Log Horizon S2, Idolmaster ~ Cinderella Girls.

Goodbye, Carefree Days

March 27, 2015

That was certainly the impression I got from my teammates, once our crash-course through the functions of the Operator Queue was done and we had to return to our stations.  We pretty much said goodbye to those long avail times, as the operator queue never really let up from the moment we sat down and started taking calls again.  Seriously, I had more operator calls than transaction calls, which says a lot about what we had to experience.

The queue didn’t let up until close to the end of the shift, and even then our “free time”, as it were, barely lasted three minutes before another call came in.  Needless to say, I was so relieved that the shift ended.

Except that was only half of the shift.  Today we’ll be experiencing the Operator Queue for the whole shift.  Oi.

Which brought me to yet another concern.  Y’see I normally wear two necklaces, one of which carried the gold three rings (all gifts from nanay) that I couldn’t wear openly.  Now, yesterday, when I left the seventh floor resting area (remember, I had stayed at the office to sleep because I had to meet my Sunlife plan manager later in the day), the necklace apparently snapped; I had only noticed it by the time I was on the elevator down, and by then the necklace itself and two of the rings had slipped through my shirt and unto the floor.

As for the third, there was no sign.  I realize in hindsight I should have stopped right there and retraced my steps, but by the end of the shift it was far too late for that, so the only thing I could do is to inform Facilities about it, and hope that, maybe, someone would turn it in.  Filipinos being Filipinos, it’s kind of wishful thinking, but still…

I figure that since I have a second valid ID now, I can drop by my previous employer to see if I can get that severance check that I’d been waiting so long for, but that means I’ll have to be there by six again.  Ugh.  I’ll be more civil this time, I swear.

Oh, and it might be payday today.  I hope.  Because it would be terribly awkward if they gave out our pay on Monday instead.

Many Detours Before Home

March 26, 2015

I didn’t go straight home after yesterday’s shift, as I had a scheduled general assembly to attend immediately afterward.  So I took my things from my locker, then headed up to the tenth floor with some of the other people from account.  We waited for a bit at the lobby, but when we saw people coming out of the boardroom I figured that it was our turn next (due to the differing schedules, people were briefed in segments it seemed, with our group being the third in line).  Nothing too fancy though, just a rundown by one of the account managers of what to expect during the following months.

After that was done, I still didn’t go home, and instead shuffled down to the rest area in the seventh floor, where I found some shuteye for two hours.  I had to meet the plan manager of my Sunlife retirement plan at around nine in the morning after all, and I figured that it would be more convenient to just wait (technically sleep) it out rather than just go home, then come back to Makati for it.

It was surprisingly restful, though I suppose it was helped by the fact that I had my earphones on for the duration of that two-hour nap.  However when my phone’s alarm started ringing, it was my signal to head out to the Sunlife office just beside Ayala Triangle.

I met my plan manager, signed the requisite release form, and with the plan documents in hand I finally headed home.  Whew.  Despite the nap I had at the office, I was still more than relieved to hit the sack when I finally got to my room.

P.S. My postal ID finally arrived today, so I suppose I can head back to the old office and get my severance check, yeah?

Less Of A Birthday Party, More Like A Quick Family Visit

March 25, 2015

There was a slight change in plan, as I was so sleepy by the time I got off work that there was just no way I was going to be able to go to the wet market without stumbling around like a drunkard.  So instead I withdrew about six hundred pesos from my ATM, and once I got back home I handed it off to my father.  With that done, I changed out of my used clothes, and jumped into bed to sleep, with the promise that I’ll head straight to my sister’s house once I woke up.

Which was more or less what I did.  Once I woke up around eleven or so, I took a bath, got changed, then off I went to Quezon City.  Despite all this, I still arrived at my sister’s house close to one-thirty.  Hmph.  Anyway, the family had a little video conference with my mom once everyone was there, though for the most part it was just my sister holding up her phone pointing its camera in the direction of the baby, for nanay’s benefit.

When my brother-in-law arrived, the cooking finally began (as aside from the barbecue, none of the food for the party was even prepared yet).  My sister told me to try and get some shuteye while she and her hubby tended to the food, but try as I might, I couldn’t fall asleep; it’s probably due to the fact that I got waaaay used to sleeping with three different types of pillows with me, including a fat and chubby hug pillow.

Having failed that, I joined my father on the front yard and watched the baby as he played around on the (what looked newly-assembled) slide and swing set.  Too bad the little tot wasn’t interested in actually sitting on the swing chair, and instead was more keen on pushing it back and forth.  My father indulged him though, while yours truly took candid photos, particularly of when the baby slid down the slide chest first rather than with his tush…

Since I had work later in the evening, I went ahead and ate first of whatever was already done (in this case, breaded deep-friend chicken and barbecue plus cola).  Properly stuffed, I excused myself once the party proper started, as I needed to get back here at home to get prepared for work.  Tatay would take care of bringing home the food, in any case.

I left my sister’s house at around five-thirty, and arrived here at home at seven.  I’ll be heading out in a bit after finishing this entry, of course.