How Not To Start A Workweek

Yesterday was every bit as stressful as I feared, and this was made worse by the fact that two of the teammates that should have been with me during the start of the shift... weren't.  Add to this the lack of any TL at hand, and suffice to say the early shift was disastrous.  Add to … Continue reading How Not To Start A Workweek


Money In The Bank, And It Feels Fine

Just as planned, I woke up early in the day to both deposit my salary, and then cash the severance check that I got last week from my previous employer.  Both went off without a hitch, with the former resolved by visiting the Metrobank branch in our neighborhood (where I had an account in), though … Continue reading Money In The Bank, And It Feels Fine

Canned Meat, And Swollen Toes

I went to bed really really late last night as I did some late-day bingeing on the Jitsu wa Watashi Wa chapters I missed.  Still good stuff, but I'm really worried at how the anime will turn out now, especially with the reveal of the awfully generic redesigns for it. In any case, late to bed meant that … Continue reading Canned Meat, And Swollen Toes

Took That Long To Recover

My word, last night's shift was... a trial to say the least.  I think it's the shift with the most calls of any of us to day, with myself taking in a grand total of 78 calls.  Seriously, whoever thought that adding the Operator queue to our duties should be taken out of the company's … Continue reading Took That Long To Recover

Goodbye, Carefree Days

That was certainly the impression I got from my teammates, once our crash-course through the functions of the Operator Queue was done and we had to return to our stations.  We pretty much said goodbye to those long avail times, as the operator queue never really let up from the moment we sat down and … Continue reading Goodbye, Carefree Days

Many Detours Before Home

I didn't go straight home after yesterday's shift, as I had a scheduled general assembly to attend immediately afterward.  So I took my things from my locker, then headed up to the tenth floor with some of the other people from account.  We waited for a bit at the lobby, but when we saw people coming … Continue reading Many Detours Before Home

Less Of A Birthday Party, More Like A Quick Family Visit

There was a slight change in plan, as I was so sleepy by the time I got off work that there was just no way I was going to be able to go to the wet market without stumbling around like a drunkard.  So instead I withdrew about six hundred pesos from my ATM, and … Continue reading Less Of A Birthday Party, More Like A Quick Family Visit