Just Pass On The Weekend Excitement

I’d have liked to just sleep for most of the morning, but as luck would have it, I woke up way early again.  Of course, this meant that everything I planned on doing was just moved several hours earlier, up to and including playing with the baby.

Of course, there was the issue again of our house losing its internet connection again, which more or less put our conference call with nanay on hold for a while.  The issue eventually got sorted out early in the afternoon (after a call to PLDT’s customer support, plus an escalation to set their arses on fire), but my father downstairs still couldn’t connect via his laptop.  It might just be that our router is on its way toward retirement…

Didn’t do much else after that but catch up on downloaded anime, though because of that early start to the day I’m feeling sleepy already… Might as well turn in, as I have to wake up early to (finally) deposit my pay in the bank.

Anime Watched: DRRRR S2, Log Horizon S2, Gundam the Origin: Blue-Eyed Char, Aldnoah Zero S2, Dog Days S3, Rolling Girls .


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