Not Exactly The Best Start To The Week

Since I went to bed really early last night, it was no surprise that I woke up rather early today too.  I busied myself a bit with the quests in Kantai Collection, but after a bit I went to bed again.

The next time I awoke, it was around nine in the morning already, which meant that I could finally go to the bank and deposit my pay, but that came after changing the bed and pillow sheets.  I washed my face and gargled, made sure I was somewhat presentable, then it was off to the bank.

Depositing the money didn’t take that long, and soon enough I was back home, killing time until around lunch, at which I got sleepy.  So when that happened, it was back to bed for me, to prepare for the coming work day.

… Of course, this was assuming that I had a restful afternoon.  Unfortunately, the big toe on my left foot decided to act up again, which meant that it swelled up and generally made a nuisance of itself.  How?  By being painful, which meant that even with my eyes closed, my full attention was on it whenever I shifted and turned on the bed.  Ouch.

Not helped either by the fact that my father had to use our desktop to check his mail, as the router wasn’t working for some reason. I called PLDT about it, but the techs were noncommittal, as the router we were using wasn’t a PLDT router, though even they mentioned how strange it was, especially since the desktop was connected to the same router and was doing fine.  Might have to buy a new one to test things, but if it still doesn’t work with a new router they said they might send a technician to check it out.

Did I mention how annoying the swollen toe joint was?  Because it bears repeating, as at one point it got so painful (after I put my weight on it) that I got dizzy, then passed out on the floor of our dining room… Though I suppose it was made more annoying by the fact that my father did absolutely squat while I lay facedown on our tiles, and continued eating his merienda.  You can imagine that I let him have it once I regained consciousness, to which he countered that what else would he do?  I was too heavy to move.

Seriously, tatay?

I went upstairs, and tried to get some sleep, and somehow managed to fall into a restless half-slumber, as I twisted and turned to make sure my left foot was comfortable.  During this point, one of the seamen who used to stay with us while me and my sister were kids paid us a visit, though what he and my father talked about was not shared at all.  He did leave behind some ube flavored iced-cream though, so that was nice.

Let me tell you, it was a struggle just to get downstairs again after I got woken up by my phone alarm, and more so to take a bath, as I tried to avoid having my left foot wet.  I’m dressed and ready now, though I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be to get to work… which is why I probably better head to the office early.

P.S. Again my father somehow manages to keep a straight face while bringing bad news.  Our Tito Andress was apparently on life support, but they were thinking of taking him off the oxygen, while my mother’s father was refusing any and all medicine.  Ugh.


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