Valid Excuses For Oversleeping

Getting to work was difficult, to say the least.  My swollen big toe (or to be specific, the swollen joints of my big toe), doubled my walk time, never mind the time I had to spend climbing up the steps to the MRT station.  It hampered my mobility enough that, expecting that I wouldn’t do a whole lot of moving once I plunked down on my workstation (which did happen), I had bought everything that I thought I would need from the nearby Mercury Drug (meaning food and drink, but including painkillers) and brought them with me.  

I did drop by the clinic too, by the way, and they gave me the best anti-inflammatory medication that they had, with a prescription from the doctor on duty of stronger meds in case it didn’t help with the swelling (it did, but it took a whole night).  

After taking the medicine, I was more or less stuck at my workstation barring short trips to the comfort room.  Frankly, moving around hurt, and when you find even lifting your left foot a chore due to the pain, well…  In any case, it was a busy shift, with a surprisingly large amount of calls, so the night passed relatively quickly.  By the end of the shift, the swelling was mostly gone, but it still stung when I put weight on my left foot, so I still had to sort-of-limp my way to the MRT station.

It wasn’t that big of a surprise that, once I got home, and gotten all of the Kantai Collection related dailies and weeklies out of the way, it was off to bed.  And it was a deep and long sleep for a change, from around nine in the morning to seven in the evening.  Maybe I was more hurt than I thought.

It still stings to lift my toe, but at least I can put weight now on my toe somewhat, so I can probably walk normally now.  I might still have to swing by Mercury Drug to buy that medication prescribed for me, just to be sure of course.


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