Making Preparations, Of Sorts

I received word early this morning that my grandfather, my mother’s father, passed away.  It was inevitable, especially with the old man himself refusing all medication, and on some level the family was prepared for it (especially after that accident some years ago), but it still gets me down.  And I wasn’t even that close to the old man (me and my sister weren’t particularly favorite grandchildren, especially seeing as we were city folk far removed from Visayas), though my mother sure was.  Can’t imagine how she’s feeling right now, really.

So right now, my sister is already making preparations so our family will be present during the burial on the 14th.  The problem here for me of course is whether or not I’ll be allowed to use my PTO (personal time off, or “scheduled” absence) for the month so we could book a flight on the 13th (Another Friday the 13th! Second one in two months!).  Not that I’ll be missed at work, seeing as I’m treated as a non-entity by my team, but it helps if its documented…

I’ll have to see how it goes.  It all depends on the management’s decision, because if I’m not allowed a PTO on the 13th, I’ll have to catch a flight early on the 14th and try to catch up.

Speaking of work… Apparently one of the team experienced a near break-up (and its still not a sure thing, as the guy is going to try to see if it can be fixed), and much of the in-between call talk was about relationships.  Given my status in the team, I simply listened in, though I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.  At least they’re trying to maintain relationships, whereas I can’t even get one to start.  In that regard, they’re experiencing life much more fully than I ever could.

P.S. Viand for tonight is adobong pusit, made using one of the pair of big ones we bought the other week.  Looks like I’m keeping that tupperware shut for the duration of my shift!

P.P.S. The swelling on my left foot is mostly gone, though there’s still a bit of pain whenever I try to put weight on the area around the ball of my big toe, or even try to move my big toe upward a bit.  Looks like I’m going to have to take those anti-inflammatory tablets for a few days more, at least.


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