Stuff That Got Through

So my request for a PTO next Friday got accepted.  That was kind of a surprise, but I suppose it’s one last thing that could be allowed before the home stretch of the US Tax Season hit us.  What’s left for me to accept I suppose is the fact that the whole family is leaving for a flight home to the province on Friday the 13th.  Buh.

The swelling on my toe has mostly disappeared, though there’s still a bit of pain when I put weight on the area around my big toe (or bend it upward).  So I suppose it’s one more day of medication, at the very least.

The baby arrived today, so the house was a bit more lively for the weekend.  It didn’t bother me as much, though I admittedly already had little sleep to begin with, as I was trying to resolve the LAN issue my father’s laptop was suffering.  Kind of convinced it’s a router issue, but if that’s the case, then I’ll have to wait until payday before I can even do something about it.

Until then, I’ll just focus on surviving the work week, as usual.  


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