Avoid Surprises As Much As Possible

I don’t think my sister was paying much attention to the actual schedule when she booked our tickets for Friday, because apparently it was set for around six in the morning… The thing is, my work is ends at six thirty.  This means that rather than just a single day, I have to reserve two days off.  Which… kind of wrecks the team’s plans for getting the tax-season incentive, not to mention my own.  Going to have to bring the printed-out ticket to break the bad news to my boss…

The shift yesterday was relatively mundane by comparison, though the stinging in my big toe hasn’t abated yet, which means I still have to take medication for it.  Sigh.  So much for fast recovery.

That aside, this happened earlier, when I tried LSC in Kancolle this morning, once I got home from work and all the relevant dailies were done:

Got Musashi, alright.
Got Musashi, alright.

Thank you, Mr. Paul Allen.


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