Too Early For Most Things

I think I woke up way too early for my own good today.  Two in the morning is a little much, even for me, which is why I went to bed again… Only to get up again at around four or so.  It’s no wonder that I tried to make the most of it, doing the Kancolle dailies that I could, boiling water for the thermos, preparing oatmeal, and even taking a bath.  By the time my father got up, I was more or less ready to head to the market to refill the fridge with the stuff I’d need for my packed lunches for the week.

We still weren’t quite sure what was causing the swelling of my big toe, but medication aside, we thought it best to beg off red meat for a bit, and instead focused on fish, chicken, and veggies.  We even bought some mangoes on the way back, though we wouldn’t be able to actually enjoy these, as when we got back home, my sister took it with her when my brother-in-law picked her (and the baby) up.

As for me and my father, we headed over to Cavite (with a biscuit bucket in tow) for the wake of my Tito Andres.  It was a little hard, as I was still limping, which meant that I couldn’t keep up with my father at times, but that didn’t matter much once we were on the jeeps to Alabang and Carmona, respectively.

My father was actually worried that the wake would be held further than usual, and what’s more, he didn’t really even know where Tito Andres’ house was, so we dropped by the house of Ate Lhoida, my cousin and the eldest daughter of his brother, for directions.  Turns out, the wake was set up right beside Ate Lhoida’s home, in another of my tita’s houses.

The reunion with father’s side of the family was tempered of course by the fact that, yes, someone in the family just died.  Still, we cousins tried to catch up on lost time, while my father did the same with the older relatives next door.  I passed on viewing my uncle in the coffin; I’ve never been comfortable with that, especially when it’s someone I know.

There was much food to be had at Ate Lhoida’s house, as it was the birthday of the baby daughter of one of my cousins — a talkative little girl of one year.  They had just come back from a party at Jollibee, but there was still even more food at the house, which meant of course it would be bad manners to refuse.  Tatay ate a bit of cake, though I couldn’t help myself, and had some pancit and lechong manok

We had to leave eventually though, if were to beat the traffic going back into the city.  We said our goodbyes, and as usual promised to keep in touch when we could.

The trip back home was a little unusual, as not only did we have to change jeepneys at least four times, but the trip didn’t go through the Skyway for once; instead the jeeps we rode used the sideroad beside the rail tracks, to the point where we actually passed by the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

And once home, well, shall we say I’m looking forward to bed.  Just waiting for the eight hour mark so I could drink my medicine again, then it’s off to bed for me.  Oh, and I’ve set my alarm an hour forward, due to DST.

Anime Watched: The Rolling Girls, Dog Days S3, Aldnoah Zero S2.


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