In Answer To Some Needs

It was a little annoying this morning as I was about to go home, as the MRT service suffered a breakdown when I was already waiting on the platform (something about an issue further northward).  As a result, I had to leave the Ayala station, and find a bus to ride to get home.  Okay, it’s not as much an inconvenience as it sounds, and there was barely any traffic on the roads as it was so early, but still annoying.

It was cloudy for most of the morning, even a bit chilly in fact, which made it a good reason to get under the covers and go to sleep as soon as I could.  It even started raining, but that only happened sometime in the afternoon, and only after I’d woken up from my rest.

Had to buy myself a new cellphone battery, as the one I’d been using could no longer keep a regular charge.  I shelled out about two-hundred pesos as a result, but it still begs to be seen just how long the new battery will keep its charge.

Almost done with the preparations for the flight on Friday.  Just need to bring some valid IDs as well, and some toiletries, and I should be set for the duration of the stay at Negros.

Swelling on my left foot almost all gone, but some stiffness remains.  Will probably just take one more tablet tonight, and that’s that. 


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