Last-Minute Prep

Going to work tonight, but given our flight tomorrow morning it’s going to be just half-day.  After that, it’s back home, and then wait for a few hours while my sister and her family arrives before it’s off to the airport for us.  As usual, I’m nervous about the whole thing, but that’s what I get whenever I go on a flight anyway.

That said, I didn’t really get much sleep this afternoon, especially after I experienced a sudden cramp on my right leg, which was quite painful (as my toes were stretched forward at that point).  I actually had to push the sole of my foot down to a “standing” position to get the cramp to abate, but even then the muscle pain stayed with me for the whole afternoon.  Ugh.

Going to bring my tablet with me along with my smartphone, though the former is more due to the better viewing quality I could get on it.  That said, I better put in the last two episodes of Kantai Collection into it…


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