Definitely Full Of It

I went to bed as soon as I got back from work, but in the end I woke up early as well, and was up and about barely half an hour after noon.  I tried to busy myself as I could — from sweeping the floor, and finally putting floor wax on the increasingly white area underneath my seat, to dusting off the surfaces of my bookcases — but in the end, it all came back to my issue with the router.  So I took a bath, got changed, and headed off to the nearby computer supply shop to get a new one.  

Although it was much smaller and sleeker than the one I’ve been using for years, it had the same amount of ports… And of course when I plugged it into the modem, the same issues from the previous router made themselves apparent.  Which is to say that the desktop is the only unit among the household that could detect the internet connection while plugged into the router, while the laptops didn’t.

Of course I was annoyed, and I said as much when I gave PLDT a call.  And guess what, they gave the same excuses as when I called prior to our trip to Bacolod.  And they asked me to wait for an hour for a technician to call me… which I did.  And no one did.  So I called them again, but this time I let them have it verbally.  Then of course the idiot who answered the call dropped me, just so he wouldn’t have to do an escalation.  It was so bloody obvious.

Needless to say, my patience is at an end.  When I call tomorrow, it’s an auto-escalation.  No more beating around the Haruhi-darned bush.


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